California Small Business Defense Attorney @SabarwalLaw Interviewed Me About ADA Website Compliance

I was recently interviewed by Sanjay Sabarwal of Sabarwal Law and he has a YouTube channel. And the interview went really well and he asked a lot of questions that people want to know the answers to.

And so some of the topics we talked about were: how much a compliant costs per website, what is the bare minimum someone should do, what are the common mistakes that website owners make, what are the do’s and don’ts, what considerations- what questions should you be asking a website developer when you are making a new website, any possible exemptions to this, what about overlay widgets.

He asked me all of the questions that people want to know and what is particularly interesting about this interview is Sanjay is actually a practicing attorney himself.

And one of his practice areas is in small business- in business law, and so he’s been helping a number of small businesses defend against litigation in California, which we all know California is a hotbed for ADA website litigation.

Sanjay has experience in this area and if you look- if you go through the interview he actually- there’s actually some good information that he’s sharing on his end as well.

So he’s interviewing me, but at the same time, it was interesting to hear about what his experience was.

And one thing I found particularly interesting was he was saying that despite the fact that online-only businesses can no longer be successfully sued in California State or federal court that he’s expecting plaintiffs’ lawyers to nevertheless continue to litigate that area and send out demand letters.

So that was interesting, a number of other things he shared were interesting.

And so the interview’s really good. I went to link to every single last video below and you can also find his channel and his website below. So this is all to say thank you to Sanjay and thanks for watching.