Accessibility Policy vs. Statement: The Difference Between Each and What They Consist of

The terms policy and statement are often used interchangeably when referring to the notice that we provide on our website regarding accessibility, but they are different. There is a difference between a statement and a policy. And so with a statement, this is going to be that notice that is available on your website, it’s … Read more

Third-Party Integrations and ADA Compliance: What if Your Website Relies on an Inaccessible Product?

 Oftentimes we are reliant upon third-party integrations to offer features or abilities on our websites or mobile apps or whatever the digital asset is and we don’t have complete control over these third-party integrations. So in these scenarios we can only do so much customizations, right. Like we have access to settings, we can … Read more

ADA Compliance: WCAG is Not The Legal Standard for Websites, Meaningful Access Is

One important distinction to make is that the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG are not the law. And they never are. They may be adopted or incorporated into the law but they are not the law itself. And specifically when it comes to the American Disabilities Act, compliance- the compliance standard is meaningful access, … Read more