The ADA Compliance Course Reduces Risk of Litigation

The ADA Compliance Course is a cheatsheet that website owners can give to their developers to make their websites more accessible and significantly reduce risk of litigation.

This course is comprised of 15 lessons and within these lessons there are- an accessibility issue is identified and then there are instructions on how you find that issue and then fix that issue.

So what is happening is your team is not only being trained on accessibility, they are taking action as they are being trained.

So an audit is being performed and remediation is occurring.

Now what is very important is the issues contained in the lessons of this course are the most commonly claimed issues in litigation.

I have looked through hundreds of complaints filed by plaintiffs’ law firms. I have also seen their demand letters.

I know exactly what issues are being claimed and those issues are incorporated into this course.

Moreover, I have prioritized those issues. So all your team has to do is follow the chronological order of the lessons and they will be able to remediate exactly as I would.

Now what is so compelling about this course is that, one, ) it is much lower it is a much lower cost than the traditional route of accessibility.

We all know that an accessibility audit can start at multiple thousands of dollars and this course is going to save you money.

Also, this is a genuine response to accessibility and litigation whereas overlay widgets do not make websites accessible.

This course involves a manual audit and manual remediation that genuinely make a website more accessible.

Moreover, this course is simple.

As I said, there are only 15 lessons in this course.

It gets right to the point.

It is very straightforward it is written in plain English.

It is written to be both efficient and effective: to save time, to save money, and get directly to the point so that your website is more accessible as a result.

And that is my next bullet point is that it gets results.

This is designed to make your website more accessible and reduce risk of litigation – it accomplishes both.

And last, of course, what is the point of all of this – accessibility and this course helps achieve that.