Unraveling Sales Copy for Automated Website Accessibility “Testing” (Scan)

I am screen-recording the silktide.com accessibility sales page. And specifically, I’m looking at the section titled How effective is automated web accessibility testing? And the reason I’m recording this video is because I want to highlight the difference between the perception that can be created from a sales page versus reality. So it starts- let’s … Read more

Preventing Litigation vs. ADA Compliance vs. WCAG Conformance: There’s a Difference

It’s important to differentiate making your website ADA compliant, preventing litigation and conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG. So full conformance with WCAG and the present version is 2.1. So full conformance with WCAG 2.1 AA is the best practice for making your website what would be considered ADA compliant and also … Read more

The Reality of ADA Website Compliance “Checkers” (Scans)

A common search in this space is ADA Compliance Checker and ADA Website Compliance Checker. And so the intent here is to find an automated scan that can instantly return accessibility issues on a website. So one thing that’s important, though, is that this isn’t determining- a scan isn’t going to determine whether your website … Read more