Another YouTuber Lawyer is Wrong on ADA Website Compliance

There’s a video made by a lawyer, and his channel is Functional Lawyer. And the video is on ADA compliance for websites, and it ranks really well. The problem is that he doesn’t fully understand the material, so he gets some key things wrong. He has most things generally right.

But as I’m listening to the video, I can tell there are certain things that he doesn’t understand, or he hasn’t thoroughly researched, and really, that’s what it comes down to. I think he quickly researched the subject and then created a video on it, and the problem is that he’s off.

And I think it was a well-intentioned effort. I just think he’s wrong on some of the key things. One of the key things being towards the end of the video, he recommends an overlay, and we all know overlays don’t make your websites quote-unquote ADA compliant. And so I think this is happening a lot is because people recognize a space, and they start to- they get into it.

And in this case, he is licensed, but he just doesn’t understand the space. And I think another example I can give you is I think he said at some point the DOJ defers to Congress to create guidelines, the DOJ can create regulations, and they’re doing so for Title II right now, so the DOJ does not have to defer to Congress.

And he also said right now, we’re at WCAG 2.0, so saying that he didn’t- the video was only created a year ago. So if he says 2.0, he just didn’t research enough before he created the video, and- but his video has a decent amount of views, and it comes up all the time, so I finally watched it the other day.

I think he’s well-intentioned. I just think there is information that I think he even knew that he was hazy on, and so there are some things he says that are generally right, but he still doesn’t have that precision that you would like to see from the video.

So this is a continuing theme on some of my videos, just a- his video is actually better because he wasn’t saying that he recommended an overlay widget, but his video wasn’t there I don’t think it was there to promote the widget.

And if it was, if it was a matter of an affiliate commission, he’s taking that there is no link- he says he links to it, but there isn’t, and someone asked the link in the comments, but he doesn’t have a link there.

So I think he’s, I think he’s just- it was something that came up, and it’s of interest, and he covered it, he researched it, he covered it.

But he doesn’t know this space yet. So I’m pointing that out for different videos. One of the things I’ve recently started doing is just looking at the materials that other people are putting out, and I came across his video.