Website Accessibility Companies Offer Different Products and Services

Differentiating between website accessibility companies can be difficult so let’s run through a few of the categories. In one category we have the largest accessibility companies. We have Level Access, The Paciello Group, and we have Deque. And these are all legitimate providers. And at the core of their offering will be a manual audit … Read more

Squarespace Weak on Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Squarespace has taken the wrong approach to accessibility. And their stance on accessibility can be condensed down into a single blog post that was coincidentally updated just two days ago on November 28th. And so I’m on this post right now and I’ll link to it in the description. And in the frequently asked questions … Read more

Wix’s Accessibility Certification Will Lead to Problems

I really like what Wix is doing with their accessibility. They are doing what any website builder platform should do and improve the out-of-the-box accessibility of their website builder. What I found problematic was after I made the video I kept looking at Wix’s website and I discovered that they offered accessibility certification. And on … Read more