Cost of ADA Website Compliance Services: Accessibility Audit and Remediation Prices

Sharing the split screen with me is a document with information on the cost of website accessibility services and this is for if you go through me at

So the starting price for an audit is typically $3,500 and then the range usually goes up to $7,500. It’s not to say that that price can’t be higher, but generally this is where my price quotes fall in at.

Remediation is usually approximately the same, not exactly the same, but approximately the same. So I have the same range of $3,500 to $7,500 for remediation.

Of course, every website is going to be custom and it’s going to be different. So your quote might vary, but that’s about what you can expect.

The variables that go into pricing include the number of pages and or layouts. So the more pages that we need to audit and or remediate, that’s going to increase the cost.

The status of accessibility also factors into the cost. So if you have a fairly low or moderate amount of accessibility issues, that’s going to keep the price lower. But if your website is riddled with accessibility problems, then that is going to make the price go higher.

And then also the complexity of the website, the pages, the elements, that is going to factor into the price. So the more interactive or dynamic your website is or the more interactive and dynamic elements that are within the pages, that’s going to move the price higher.

So the details behind the services, one, the audit will result in a deliverable report. The audit is an a la carte service, which means no additional purchases necessary. You can just order an audit outright. But if you do want remediation, you do have to get the audit.

So and the reason for that is because I cannot rely upon another service provider’s audit because I do not know the quality of that audit. And I don’t want to go through and determine whether that audit is good. And then when we are remediating, if we’re finding additional issues that are not in the audit, then that means we’re not just going in and fixing the different issues in the audit. We’re also checking and looking for additional issues. And it just it becomes a problem. And I just rather not deal with it at all, which means that if you want remediation, you have to get the audit as well.

But nothing additional is required. So this is all standalone. Again, no subscription. It’s a one time cost. And once you’re done, there are no upsells. And that’s it.

When it comes to remediation of code, one important note is that or when it comes to remediation, one important note is that this is remediation of the code of your website. I consider the content separate. So when it comes to content, think of videos, images and audio. That’s not those items don’t need a developer. That’s more something that needs attention. Those are services that I can provide, but you might be able to get those services cheaper elsewhere. And so this is this is something that we can quickly discuss ahead of time.

But just so you know, that remediation is remediation of the code and third party integrations may not be editable. So think of any any embeds that you have on your website. Sometimes we cannot access the code to that in to those embeds. So if that is the case, then we will not be able to remediate those.

So those are important notes that you need to be aware of ahead of time. But this is this video is just to provide you with some general information on cost so you can know what what to expect when you are when you go through for accessibility services.