You Cannot Activate, Turn On, or Enable Accessibility: Automation Doesn’t Make a Website Accessible

You cannot turn on accessibility; you can’t activate accessibility; you cannot enable accessibility. Accessibility is not available through automation. The only way to make your website or other digital assets accessible is by manually finding accessibility issues and then manually fixing those accessibility issues. So what we want to do is make our website inherently … Read more

Accessibe vs. Userway: Which Overlay Widget is Best?

Behind me on the white board I have two watches drawn. And one watch is under street corner A and the other watch is under what is labeled street corner B. Now both watches are purported to be gold. Which one is better? They’re both fake. So that’s what it’s like when you’re debating whether … Read more

Accessibility Overlay Widgets are Fugazis

The other day I thought of the perfect term for website accessibility overlays and that is fugazi. So overlays amount to fugazi accessibility. And what does fugazi mean? Well it’s a slang term and it means a few different things. But, generally, it means something is fake or artificial or has no substance, it’s a … Read more