An Knowledgeable ADA Website Compliance / Accessibility Consultant is Like Insurance

I’m frequently contacted about website accessibility services – usually audits, but a lot of people also ask me about consulting and helping them accelerate their knowledge so that they can make informed decisions.

And that’s really that’s a facet of the business I really like because I put a lot of general information out there and a lot and most of it’s for free but I also can help people with information specific to their situation and what they’re trying to accomplish.

And so sometimes people want to know: Should I buy a certain product, Should I- what services do I actually need for what I’m trying to accomplish, What do I not know that I should know when going into this landscape?

And this landscape can include the legal side the practical implications and it could include the accessibility side.

And people want to know they need they need a better starting point a better knowledge starting point to work from and so one hour of consulting with me can help with that tremendously and before anyone even hires me for consulting I always recommend they read the ADA Book because the ADA Book very well might answer your questions and that’s it takes an hour to read but a lot of the basic information is there.

But again a lot of people do want information that specific to their situation so it could be you know: How does my organization approach accessibility? Where should we start? What digital assets should we prioritize? What issues should we prioritize?

And there’s- when it comes down to actually making this happen there are there are there are so many bits of information that are extremely helpful but are unknown to people that are just starting.

In fact, they’re unknown to many people in this industry and so I prefer to get right to the point and help someone understand this is exactly what you need for your specific situation or this is my recommendation on how to get started.

And maybe to serve two purposes: to lower the risk of having a claim initiated against you in litigation and then also addressing the most important aspects of accessibility that could potentially create a barrier to access or just significantly degrade the user experience.

And so all of that is- with consulting, really it’s up to- it’s up to you to determine what you want to ask and what you want to find out and then based on what you’re asking me I can also help you understand what else you need to be thinking about.

Because there’s a lot of things that people are just not considering that they should be and I know all of the angles that you would want to when approaching digital accessibility.

And so a good way of looking at this is that, hiring me is like insurance that prevents you that can prevent you from making a big mistake that costs thousands of dollars or waste your time on something that you don’t even need to be concerned about.

And one hour with me can make all the difference and I’ll give you an example.

I found out about this – and it’s just sad – someone thought they were purchasing an accessibility audit for their website what they ended up getting was a repackaging of scan results that were run for free.

And you can get a free WAVE scan which will flag certain accessibility issues on your website – you can run those for free.

Well someone ran them for free, presented them in a PDF, and then gave them as a deliverable and charged I don’t know if I think it was $1500 for it.

But those- these are the kind of things where I can I can preempt that with with consulting for me someone’s going to have a basis for understanding before they get started with accessibility.

So I will put a link to below of course I offer services but I don’t push them I’m really I’m really an independent consultant available to help people understand accessibility the- this landscape and bring information forward to them.

And then also answer any questions but also customizing information because I do put out a lot of general information to customize that information so that it can be it can be utilized for your specific situation.