Same Accessibility Issues Being Claimed in Litigation

I am screen recording myself along with a snippet from the 2022 Accessibility Lawsuit Report.

And what I want to focus in on is where it says nearly 67% of all website accessibility lawsuits were filed by five law firms out of New York and California.

Why is this so significant?

Because what it means is the same small group of accessibility issues is largely being claimed over and over and over again in litigation.

Why is this so important?

Because many website owners when they find about that they when they find out that they need to make their website “ADA compliant” or they receive a demand letter or a complaint is filed against them.

They go get an audit, the audit takes four weeks to be delivered.

Once they have that audit it takes months for remediation and what happens so many times far too often is that another complaint is filed or another demand letter is received from another plaintiffs’ law firm.

And so many so many website owners don’t know about this and they don’t understand they’re so frustrated why is this happening over and over again.

And the reason is because there is not a focus on these issues that are most commonly claimed and it’s the same issues that come up over and over and over again and that’s where the focus needs to be on first.

I’m not saying not to make a website fully WCAG conformant, that is where you want to be but where you want to start is remediating those issues that come up over and over again in litigation.

Because the plaintiffs’ law firms are looking for the same issues they are claiming those same issues so take care of those first and then work on the other accessibility issues.

Another part of this report says Stein Saks law firm that filed the most accessibility lawsuits, 372.

I am now going to tab over to the ADA Compliance Course and in the product description I wrote, “these issues are prioritized by order of urgency through course lessons.”

So what I’m getting at there is I have the accessibility issues that they’re contained each are each issue is a lesson in and of itself and I’ve ordered those issues by how urgent they are and keep in mind these are all issues that are found commonly in litigation.

And then I write, “These issues have all been found in claims filed in complaints by new and active plaintiffs law firms.”

One of the law firms is Stein Saks.

So, again, this is not a complicated issue but it is one that you need to get right because there are serious consequences to doing this the wrong way and the wrong way is to try to make your website fully WCAG conformant to start.

No, you start with one accessibility issue at a time and I talk all about this in the course but the point is is that most website owners are approaching accessibility and ADA compliance web accessibility and ADA compliance completely wrong.

And that is why I created this course, to make it simple and easy to understand.

Really what this course amounts to is instructions that you can hand over to your team and tell them, “hey follow what this course says and remediate these issues first.”