Plaintiffs Law Firms: Stein Saks, PLLC (Mark Rozenberg) – ADA Website Accessibility Lawsuits

In this video, we will be looking at a complaint filed in March of 2023 by the Stein Saks law firm, with the lawyer signing the complaint being Mark Rozenberg. Let’s go through some of the accessibility issues that are being claimed:

  1. The website lacks alternative text: many features on the website lack alternative text.
  2. Missing form field labels: many features on the website fail to add a label element or title attribute for each field.
  3. Duplicate title elements: many pages on the website contain the same title elements.
  4. Broken links: the website contains a host of broken links, which are hyperlinks to non-existent or empty web pages.

These are the issues being claimed in litigation. Stein Saks is one of the most active plaintiffs law firms, along with Mars Khaimov and a few others. It’s important to know the accessibility issues that plaintiffs law firms are looking for. By remediating your website to eliminate these accessibility issues, you significantly reduce your risk of litigation.

Many of the issues being claimed are repeated over and over again, as plaintiffs lawyers typically look for the same accessibility issues and name those in complaints as barriers to access. Knowing these accessibility issues can help you prioritize your efforts in addressing them, thus preventing litigation.

The reason for recording this mini-series is to make the information as real as possible. While the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are helpful, they are broad and don’t focus on the accessibility issues claimed in litigation. My ADA compliance course teaches your team how to find (audit) and fix the accessibility issues most commonly claimed in litigation. The course includes lessons based on the issues claimed by the most active plaintiffs law firms.

Today, we looked at Stein Saks. In my previous video, I looked at Mars Khaimov. More information on the law firms will be provided below, along with a link to the previous video. I will continue doing other videos on the most active plaintiffs law firms to help anyone trying to prevent litigation significantly reduce their risk by remediating the most commonly claimed issues.