New WCAG Course Explains Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in Plain English (with Video Lessons)

I just released the WCAG course, and I see this as the perfect complement to the ADA compliance course, but it also stands alone. I recognize that people around the world want to improve their accessibility and incorporate the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines into their different digital assets.

I’ve already got a checklist and guide for WCAG 2.1 AA available for free on, and that’s not going to change. But with this course, I’ve added premium add-ons that I think really help you understand what the different success criteria are asking for.

The main way this course is different is that there are video explanations of all 50 success criteria. The videos feature me in plain English talking through what the requirement is for each success criterion. On some of the success criteria, I have provided code examples to help guide you and help you understand what the proper implementation of the success criteria would look like.

Another difference is an Excel spreadsheet that I’ve created. One of the best things about the spreadsheet is that you can sort it by success criteria that you will very likely have to take action on, success criteria that you need to review, and if there’s an issue, then you take action on. There are also success criteria where you likely don’t need to do anything.

The spreadsheet is unique and helps you prioritize and understand where the success criteria that are heavier in workload are, and then work down to the ones where you need to make sure you have them in place. There are also those that you probably don’t need to do anything for, but you will want to consider them, as they’re in the guidelines for a reason.

The spreadsheet includes a column where you can mark something as complete or not, and then you can sort it by the success criteria you’ve completed.

This course really has everything you need to know to understand the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, version 2.1, Conformance Level AA.