Everything You Need to Know About ADA Compliance and Digital Accessibility

My name is Kris Rivenburgh.  I’m an attorney and the founder of Accessible.org.  I’m also the author of this book, The ADA Book.

And just one note: So that I can efficiently provide a transcript and closed captions, I will be reading from the transcript itself.

I’m holding up a physical copy of The ADA Book right now and the cover incorporates deep blue and red colors – close to that of the United States flag – and then headlines, “The ADA Book” in large block letters, with the subtitle, “ADA Compliance for Websites, Apps, and other Digital Assets”.

If you are looking into ADA compliance for the digital world, buy this book.  It’s written in plain English and gets straight to the point – it only takes an hour to read, but it covers everything that you need to know about the legal landscape including the law as it exists and the law in practice.

And the back third of the book talks about digital accessibility in practice, which basically acts as a buyer’s guide.

You cannot find the quality and comprehensiveness of this information anywhere on the web.

I wrote this book to help everyone – from lawyers to web design agencies to restaurant owners – understand exactly what is going on with ADA compliance as it pertains to websites and other digital assets.

Even if you have no clue what website accessibility is, by the time you finish this book, you’ll know more than most people who work in the industry. This knowledge will help you in several ways.  Here are three practical benefits:

  • You can write out instructions for your contractors and employees to make it less likely their updates result in a demand letter.
  • Your procurement team can decide exactly what services they need and don’t need.
  • You can gift this book to your attorney so they have critical information to defend against claims from plaintiffs’ law firms.

Some other very important topics I explain are:

  • automated scans
  • manual audits
  • user testing
  • assistive technology
  • remediation

These are all directly related to services you might buy.  Just understanding what each of these means can save you thousands of dollars.

Other subjects I discuss include:

  • accessibility statements
  • VPATs®
  • conformance statements (certification) and
  • overlays

Also inside is a resources section with links to:

  • My WCAG 2.1 AA checklist
  • My WCAG 2.1 AA full guide
  • My accessibility statement template

All of these resources are completely free with no subscription required.

So Who Am I?

My name is Kris Rivenburgh.  I’m a licensed attorney in Texas – I have researched and written about digital accessibility and ADA compliance for over four years. My work has been cited by Verizon.com, MN.gov (Minnesota), and Yahoo Small Business. Additionally, I have four guides published in Bloomberg Law.

And, as I mentioned, I’m also the founder of Accessible.org and I’ve worked with and provided services for numerous entities – from small businesses and non-profits to large corporations.

To Wrap Up

I highly, highly recommend you buy The ADA Book.  If you’ve been searching for that objective, 360 overview of ADA compliance and what you need to do to prevent litigation, this is it.  This books wraps together and relates both the technical and legal aspects of digital accessibility.

You can order The ADA Book on Amazon and there is very likely a link right to buy directly below this video.