Website Accessibility Services Provider is a provider of digital accessibility services and information.  Two of the reasons people choose are for:

  • My free WCAG guide and checklist and
  • Manual accessibility audit services

And I think the value extends beyond downloads and deliverables and into how I operate the business.

Here are some of the ways I differentiate from other services:

  • Price ranges are listed on the services page
  • Custom estimates are easy to get over email.
  • Services have fair, one-time prices.
  • There are no subscriptions involved.
  • All deliverables are of excellent quality.
  • Turnaround times are very good – usually within 3 weeks for an audit.
  • There is never any pressure to buy, no outreach emails.

Furthermore, all information and services are based on my knowledge and experience in digital accessibility.

My name is Kris Rivenburgh.  I am an attorney.  I am the author of The ADA Book – the definitive book on ADA compliance for the digital world.  I am also the author of the two WCAG explainer documents mentioned above.  Moreover, my article on ADA compliance for websites has been viewed over 265,000 times.  And I’ve spoken in-person at multiple conferences.

I’ve been published – I have guides published by Bloomberg Law.  I’ve been cited by  I’ve been cited by (  I’ve been cited by Yahoo Small Business.

And, of course, all of this knowledge and experience is brought forward when you choose

Thank you for your interest.