Websites Using Accessibility Overlays (AccessiBe, UserWay, etc.) Still Being Sued

I am currently on the website and I’m screen sharing from their table which is marked Appendix A: Overlay Customers Sued.

And the point of this video is not for me to read from the table but just to convey how many customers that have been using overlay widgets – and primarily AccessiBe – but customers that have had these overlay widgets installed have nevertheless had complaints filed against them in federal court.

And this can’t even encompass all of the demand letters that are sent as well.

But just scrolling down this website or this table on the website you will see the defendant and there’s the widget and I’ll put a link below.

But looking at the widget names: Equal Web, AccessiBe, UserWay, User1st, AudioEye, OnTheMap Marketing, WordPress plugin- there’s a few more now ADASiteCompliance, The Cart Coders, and Shopify.

And it just- it goes on but the point of this the point of this video is I wanted I want to bring forward what Karl Groves’s website is telling you these overlays are not preventing litigation.

And that is why they’re being purchased.

Anybody that purchases these overlays their primary concern is not going to be accessibility it’s going to be preventing litigation slash becoming compliant and clearly these are not stopping litigation and furthermore they don’t make you ADA compliant.

ADA compliance is not definitively known; we can’t conclusively say what it is but I can’t tell you what it isn’t and it isn’t installing a widget and calling your website accessible, that’s not the case.

So I’m going to link to this below the video is simply me scrolling through this table which includes 195 rows this is not conclusive this is not all of the lawsuits that are involved but it is a good sampling of them.

And demonstrably prove that these overlay widgets are not stopping litigation these complaints are still being filed and it’s if you if you are buying them for that purpose then your purpose is not being served.

Nothing is- it’s not stopping anything so I’m going to link to this.

I encourage you to read through because you will see just how many of the claims that are made on these overlay vendor websites just how ridiculous they are and Karl goes through and just systematically dismantles each and every one.

And it’s really a phenomenal resource and you can see what so many different accessibility professionals have been saying for so long: that these are outright lies that’s not even close and I think customers at times are surprised that the overlay vendors will just outright lie to you and they will.

So those resources will be linked below.