Website Remediation

My agency can fix your website so that it is accessible.

Website remediation is the actual fixing of your website so that it is accessible to persons with disabilities and ADA compliant.

I have teamed with highly skilled developers to offer this service.

Just as a I recommend in The ADA Book, we will focus on bringing the most important accessibility elements (those which are frequently the subject of lawsuits) into compliance and then work are way down the next important WCAG 2.0 AA success criteria.

All work will be managed and must be approved by me before completion.

By hiring me, you get both legal and WCAG 2.0 AA expertise in your manual remediation.

I will also inform you of ways of lowering the cost of your project.

If you are interested in hiring me for a website remediation, email me at kris@adabook.com.

Accessibility Statement


I am continually working to improve this website’s performance and accessibility for all users, including people with disabilities. If you have a disability and have any difficulty accessing this website, please contact me by phone or email and I will make every effort to ensure you can access this website. You can call me at 1-800-736-9029 or email me at kris@adabook.com. Please note that phone calls are not staffed 24 hours a day and you may not get a real-time response on phone.