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​​The ADA Newsletter keeps you up to date on the latest in ADA website compliance and web accessibility.

Know as soon as big changes in the law are made.

Get updates on best practices as the industry evolves.

Also, get in-depth reviews on the latest and best products, services, and vendors.

The ADA Newsletter is coming in Spring of 2019.

Frequency will be once a month + whenever critical updates are available (such as major legal changes).

Subscriptions will be $199/year.

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Accessibility Notice

I am continually working to improve this website’s performance and accessibility for all users, including people with disabilities.  If you have a disability and have any difficulty accessing this website, please contact me by phone or phone and I will make every effort to ensure you can access this website.  You can call me at 1-800-736-9029 or email me at  Please note that phone calls are not staffed 24 hours a day and you may not get a real-time response on phone.

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