Don’t Listen to Marketing Agencies on Website Accessibility / ADA Compliance

I continually come across content produced by online marketers on ADA compliance as it relates to the digital world – so websites, mobile apps, etc.

And the content is really bad, it’s poor content and and it’s poorly researched content, more importantly, and it’s very obvious to me that not even an hour of research has gone into understanding the material before- before the marketers decide to speak on it.

And not only is it’s speak on it, but advise on it.

And so they’re informing clients, they’re informing the public at large.

They’re advising on accessibility and how to become compliant and they have no idea what they’re talking about.

And I know this because I’m I’m going through them and I can hear so just there’s so many problems with what they’re saying and they’re they are so wrong they are 100% wrong.

And it’s not that a marketer should never talk about accessibility.

Of course you want to inform clients that this is a highly litigious area.

Especially if you if you’re like for example if you’re a web designer you may want to inform them, hey we made this website we used a WordPress template we customized it but it’s we didn’t we don’t know about accessibility.

You may want to advise on the importance of accessibility so knowing that it’s important to make your website accessible not only for, you know to prevent to reduce legal risk, but also because it does directly impact people and their ability to access your content, engage with your website, whatever.

But marketers are looking at this as an opportunity for lead generation, direct sales, affiliate commissions, and I you can you can search YouTube right now in fact I will put some links below to some marketing material where it’s very clear the marketer the marketer has no idea what they’re talking about.

I’ll give you one example. I was just- what prompted this video for me so I was just listening to a video where they’ll marketer said that you need to put all tags on all of your images.

And that’s that’s absolutely incorrect, it just shows that he doesn’t understand accessibility.

Alternative text- there should be an alternative text attribute on all of your images on the images that are decorative you leave that alt attribute null you leave it empty and on alternate on on images that are meaningful then you add that all text value inside the alt attribute.

But this is that’s a very quick example why you as a marketer don’t make a sweeping video where you give five quick tips on accessibility and you just you have no idea what you’re talking about.

You’ve read some articles and you’ve decided to make them spin them into your own content this is not that this is not the place.

And so that’s that’s it on this video that is what I wanted to convey I wanted- it’s just really to marketing agencies if you want to be involved in this that that’s great like I think it’s more people that are involved in accessibility and putting out good information on it and relaying the importance of it, relaying the gravity of the legal landscape – I think that’s that’s that’s a good thing.

But when you decide you are going to come in and sweep in and save the day by giving everybody your AccessiBe affiliate link then that’s where you’ve um then that’s where you are wrong and you are failing everyone and you are causing a problem and you’re not helping anything.

And so if you- be involved in digital accessibility but know what you’re talking about when you become involved.