How to Get Started with Website Accessibility and Remediation

So many entities have difficulty executing on website accessibility. For some reason remediating a website to be fully conformant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is a it’s a triathlon; it’s so difficult for people to finally complete it so here’s how I would approach website accessibility.

I would focus in on five to seven pages – now that number varies based on how important and how critical these pages are to your user flow but if your website has several pages that are very, very important I would go with seven.

If it has less than I would focus in on five but the key is to have five to seven URLs that you are focusing in on and within those URLs, of course, you’re taking care of any screens any pop-ups that come up – any everything that has to do with that is on that URL that a user can experience I would make sure to account for.

Now starting with the home page because that’s the most important page- starting with the home page I would make sure that I had fully addressed every accessibility issue found in the audit and – that’s where I should have started – you need to have an audit a manual accessibility audit performed by a reputable accessibility provider and you need to have all of those issues ahead of time once you have all of those issues.

I would go- I would not make a single change to the website until I had reconciled and incorporated all of those issues all of those accessibility recommendations into my website.

And whoever was involved now you might have a large team where it might have you might have a developer involved, you might have a designer involved, you might have a content editor involved, whoever it is every one that that is involved needs to be needs to address those issues one by one and everybody focuses in on it until it gets done.

And this does not have to take months or even weeks this can happen in a day if everyone is focused on taking care checking off every last accessibility issue.

Now if there are accessibility issues that involve more manual work and they’re going to take time and then you need to account for those. And then so, for example, your developer can focus in on the code side remediate everything on the code side but then you can leave the rest to the content editor so the content editor can focus in on that original page while the developer goes on and focus and takes care of the second page and the third page, etc.

But that’s really what this comes down to is a regimented approach and not stopping until this is done if you can do that you will remediate all of the issues on the most important pages.

However if you take the approach that we’re going to try to remediate the entire website and there’s one person involved where some people get involved at different times that’s going to be more difficult to execute on because there’s a gap in time and the focus isn’t on fully remediating, it’s on bringing different people in at different times and that just makes excessive remediating for accessibility much more difficult than it has to be.

If you focus your resources in for one week you should be able to get those prioritized five to seven pages done and completed for and fully conformity with the web content accessibility guidelines and after you finish that original those original prioritized pages then you can go and go down to the next pages and that that stage you may have the developer also working on the templates and so really it comes down to organization at that point but the most important part of this video is that you’re focused in on accessibility and there’s no there’s no different there’s no side projects in.

You just take a week, you take the personnel that is dedicated to making the changes whether it be the designer whether it be the content editor or whether it be the developer and you make sure that each is working on through every issue one at a time until they are done and so there is some there is some organization involved in deciding who does what win but it all comes back to keeping at this until it is completed.

And I think where many organizations fall apart is they are not dedicated to accessibility they are accessibility as one amongst other things that is happening.

It is much better for the user experience is much better for your risk of litigation if you simply focus in on accessibility until you are you until you reach WCAG conformance for maybe the top five to 10 pages of your website and from there you can start you can start working in on the on different measures on different less lesser priorities and maybe looking into AAA conformance looking into different documents that may be on your website, etc., but again focus in on the top five pages work through every last issue and you’re going to resolve accessibility much, much faster than if you approached it any other way.