Academy Removes AccessiBe Overlay Widget from Their Website

Right now this video is displaying the homepage and on this homepage we are looking for the AccessiBe icon.

And so AccessiBe is the overlay widget that purports to make your website accessible.

And I’m on the website, Academy is a sporting goods retail website and there is no AccessiBe icon on this website.

But I remember that Academy embarrassingly had AccessiBe installed previously so I went to and capture screen captures websites.

And I found I found a screen capture from July 14th 2021 and that’s what is currently showing on the page.

So this is the homepage and it’s a different you know they’ve got different content on here a different pictures of sporting goods and accessories and, etc.

But importantly when you scroll down to the bottom, there is an accessibility icon now it’s hidden it’s very hard to locate it’s very hard to see but there is a tiny blue icon on the very bottom right that when you click it opens up the AccessiBe menu of supposed accessibility options.

Now if you want to see why this menu does not actually make your website accessible, there are endless videos on this and websites- and there are websites dedicated to why not only AccessiBe but any other overlay vendor why these overlay widgets don’t actually make your website accessible.

But at one point in 2021, was using excessively and for a company the size there’s no excuse the research should have been done to know that this wasn’t going to be a substitute for accessibility.

Many entities view overlays as a stopgap or a way to temporarily make their website partially accessible when that’s just not the case.

You may as well have nothing because overlays don’t accomplish anything.

They may have some marginal benefit at times, but they don’t actually make your website accessible.

But this is an instance where there’s a there’s an improvement. in 2022 has removed the excessively widget and so they are now working off a much more accessible version of their website and there weren’t many accessibility issues and importantly they’re they’re no longer promoting the use of overlay widgets.